Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Where They're Leading Us: Queer Club Orgy at Brown U.

The O'Reilly Factor had an interesting story last night out of Brown University. It seems that the Queer Alliance club on campus -- an official student organization receiving money from student fees -- held a school-approved party (or "orgy" as O'Reilly called it) in a campus building. O'Reilly's producer said that he paid $80 for his ticket.

The producer said the tone for the party was set by the group that organized it, the Queer Alliance, who were the "core" of the attendees, though many hetero couples were there and fully into the scene. It was called the "SexPowerGod" Party. Hundreds attended. The producer who attended said it was it was "pure debauchery". The footage showed young people in skimpy underwear cavorting; the producer witnessed sexual acts. Many attendees were sent to the hospital emergency room.

Here's a discussion about SexPowerGod off the Brown Daily Jolt:

What is the deal with this party, I have never been to one... is it for straight people too or what

yes. It's a misconception that the party is just for the gay community. Yes the Queer Alliance throws it, but of course it's open to anyone who wants to go. So be ready to have some fun come next weekend :)

ok...so what kind of activities go on at this party usually

oral sex. and actual sex. and freaky dancing next to people who are nearly naked. in case you really wanted it spelled out.

As a good looking straight male who went last year, let me tell you the lowdown about SPG: its a bunch of overweight, greasy gay guys with far too little clothes dancing like the queers they are. It's repulsive. I can see how a straight girl MIGHT have a good time in that environment, but for guys who like girls -- stay the f--- away.

What a big man, posting anonymously on the Jolt to insult queer people who are confident enough to publicly express an alternative sexual preference. You get two gold stars, one for homophobia and one for cowardice.P.S. Are twice-yearly Queer Alliance parties such a big threat to you personally? That's just sad. (-Raging Succubus)

I'm not sure how under the auspices of Brown the school, which can think itself liable for god knows what and crack down (a CANDLE in a room!!!) allows public sex -- what of the spread of disease and the school's liability? Isn't this how they closed all the sex clubs in NYC? Plato's retreat to The Tunnel?

first of all, providence still has bath houses, in case you haven't noticed. second, the fags give out condoms at the dance. they promote safe...wild-kinky-dirty...sex

SPG is fun. Except I should have known to stay away from their chocolate flavoured condoms.

i went my freshman year with my boyfriend (i am a girl) and had a horrible time. people were gross and all over eachother and (everyone else) all night--hardcore. it was all techno music which sucked, and there's not much to do other than make out with really raunchy drunk people in elephant thongs.

So this is what's happening at colleges across America? It's especially sad when we see institutions to which we're personally connected allowing this sort of thing. (Yes, MRWatch, we do have Ivy connections.)