Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Boston Globe Pushes Homosexual Priest

Another gratuitous story in Sunday's Boston Globe (11-6-05), pushing the normalization of homosexuality. This time the focus is an "openly gay priest" in a Catholic parish in Utica, New York. Utica?! The story begins:

The folks on Hospitality Row do not mind talking about the fact that the Rev. Fred Daley of St. Francis de Sales Church is openly gay. They know that is why Daley is in the spotlight at a time when some leaders of the Roman Catholic Church are blaming homosexuals for its sexual abuse scandals, and possibly preparing to bar gays from the priesthood.

But they would prefer to talk about Daley's 13 years of service to their impoverished Corn Hill neighborhood, and how he established one sorely needed social service after another: opening refugee housing in the former convent, a shelter for girls from the streets in the former rectory, a soup kitchen in a former crack house across the street from his imposing red brick church, and affordable day care in the former Catholic school....

This story got our friend Joe's attention. He is fed up with such propganda pieces in the Globe, and writes to MassResistance:

This is deliberate confusion and more praise and glory for another gay/hero.

The very first sentence is an outright lie. The journalist cites an amorphous neighborhood group as being very happy with the "openly gay" priest Fred Daley. Anyone reading the first sentence would immediately assume that the Catholic Church now promotes and accepts priests living an active gay lifestyle. The explicit lie of the first sentence is subtly modified later in the article when it states Daley mentions being a "celibate gay priest."

These terms are meant to confuse. As a Catholic I am highly offended at the constant use of the term "gay Catholic." It is the theological equivalent of saying you are a "Nazi/Jew". The two terms are mutually exclusive. It's actually a testament to gay activists that we can't use these terms together because they have been so successful at defining in a euphemistic way what "gay" means.
The actual correct interpretation of these facts is that Fred Daley is a same-sex attracted celibate priest. However, they would never state that up front because it does not advance their cause.

The journalist also implies that the Roman Catholic Church is scapegoating gays for the scandals. I believe research will prove that most of the abuse was done by priests with sexually mature victims and that much of the abuse was male-to-male. (The constant refrain we hear is, "Oh, that's different, those priests weren't gay -- they were pedophiles.") I believe most of those responsible for the abuse can be classified as gay. If this is the case the Church should be heralded for rooting out this problem.

Also, the article mentions Fred Daley as being a celibate priest. Isn't this proof that the church is compassionate and welcomes those with same-sex attractions? Another confusing term is presented. How can Fred Daley "come out" as a gay priest when he is not living the gay lifestyle? He also states that the Church oppresses those who are gay or transgendered. Again, right out of the standard gay playbook, Daley paints himself as a poor persecuted victim. " I know what it's like to be excluded, marginalized, rejected, dismissed and considered immoral and evil." Isn't he living proof that the Catholic Church is accepting and tolerant?

The article also cites an immigrant from the Sudan, Grace Sunday, who says "you'd be isolated if you said you were gay, and stoned to death...but in the United States it's normal." The implication is that "abnormal" Americans who don't agree with the gay lifestyle would stone the priest to death. This cleverly disguised hate and intolerance gets a total pass by the pro-gay journalist. Anyone living a Catholic or Christian life is vilified for "hating" gays. The extreme word play and twisted meanings could be straight out of the playbook of Joseph Goebbels.

Later in the article a parishioner asks, "Why is it necessary for them to talk about their sexuality?" Bingo! Exactly right. OK -- so Daley sleeps better at night and has advanced the gay agenda. I suppose someone will send him some medals now.