Sunday, November 13, 2005

Mass. Legislators Warm Up to Bestiality

What is with our Mass. legislators??? Last week's Judicary Committee reviewed a bill, S938, which would lessen penalties for bestiality, and remove a phrase penalizing human-human sodomy from current Mass. statute (Sec. 6, ch. 272).

It seems that Senators Cynthia Stone Creem and Robert O'Leary, and Representatives Michael Festa and David Linsky (all recipients of homosexual PAC $), believe that NOTHING should be forbidden any more. Their bill would reduce punishments for acts of bestiality, eliminate penalities for sodomy, decriminalize adultery, and strike down statutes against advertising for abortion and contraception. It would also throw out statutes keeping beggars, vagrants, pickpockets, and tramps off our streets. Now that's an odd combination.

The Weekly Dig newspaper alerted us to this bill. And if they are somewhat taken aback, things have got to be BAD.

From "MAN ON DOG? Lawmakers move to lower penalty for bestiality … seriously," by Paul McMorrow, in last week's Weekly Dig :

More than two and a half years ago, the nation laughed as pro-family crusader Rick Santorum predicted the consequences of legalized gay marriage: If man-on-man marriage was sanctified, man-on-child and man-on-dog unions might not be far behind. Those who jeered Santorum were silenced last Tuesday. Man-on-dog isn’t legal just yet, but if the Massachusetts State Legislature has its way, it might be soon.

On November 1, cheerleading for bestiality was just one of a string of stunning pieces of legislation that converged on the legislature’s judiciary committee in a bizarre, post-Halloween orgy. The imminent collapse of the state cannot be far behind.

Sponsored by Senators Cynthia Creem and Robert O’Leary, and Representatives Michael Festa and David Linsky, the bestiality measure was buried in a packaged assault on morality, disguised as “An Act Relative to Archaic Crimes.” The bill would strike down several sections of the current penal code criminalizing adultery, fornication and the advertisement of abortion. It also repeals what appears to be a sodomy statute forbidding “abominable and detestable crime against nature, either with mankind or with a beast.”

Archaic, indeed. The new law would continue to forbid “a sexual act on an animal,” but reduce possible penalties for committing such a crime, making it decidedly less illegal. Whereas the old law punished doggie-diddling and the like with hard time (a maximum sentence of 20 years) in state prison, the new measure would give activist judges the option of slapping perps with a mere two and a half years in plush local jails, or even letting zoophiliacs walk with a $5,000 fine.

How badly has Massachusetts’ moral compass suffered since dudes started honeymooning with dudes? Not one legislator, nor a single member of the God-fearing public, appeared before the judiciary committee to denounce the proposed changes.

Hey, MassResistance can't be everywhere!