Wednesday, November 02, 2005

More Queer Chants

Article 8 has reported on some of what we heard and saw at the queer protest outside the Love Won Out conference in Boston last Saturday. Here is bit more . Get ready. They're coming to your church and neighborhood soon!

QueerToday ringleader Mark breathlessly announced:
"I just spoke at the anti-war rally [on the Boston Common]. You won't believe the chants I heard down there! 'Racist, sexist, anti-gay!' They're chanting the same thing down there that we're chanting up here!! They stand in solidarity with us! And there was thunderous applause when I talked about the anti-war movement coming up here and protesting this conference!! They can't wait! They're so excited to march past here and protest with us! Hang in there!"

Young woman calling out for attention:
"Free will equals free sexuality! Get it right here!"

Group chants:
"Our hands are cold, are feet are sore.
But we are fighting hate and war."

"Hate is not a Boston value."

"Gay, straight, black, white --
Equal protection, equal rights!"

"Hey Hey, Ho Ho. Homophobia's got to go!"

A young woman held this sign:
"I love ME"