Monday, November 21, 2005

You're Only Catholic if You're Catholic

Dissenting "Catholics" from a Newton parish demand their dissenting liberal priest Walter Cuenin be returned to their church. They make their dissenting views and protest the focus of a mass at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston. Next, they'll be throwing condoms at the Archbishop.

It's fine with these protesters that Fr. Cuenin takes part in "gay pride" marches and "gay awareness day" at the local high school. The Boston Herald plays right along with them, and refers to them as "Catholic". (How many of the protesters weren't even parishioners, we wonder?) From the Herald, "Cloaked in red, Catholics protest ouster":

Hundreds of Newton Catholics – already seeing red over the ouster of their popular priest – yesterday tried wearing it.

Several busloads of Our Lady Help of Christians parishioners, outraged by the removal last month of their pastor, the Rev. Walter Cuenin, showed up for Mass at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston decked out in scarlet outfits in protest.

The contingent of about 200 people sat quietly, allowing their crimson clothes to shout defiance.

Archbishop Sean O’Malley asked for Cuenin’s resignation in September after an audit revealed he took a leased Honda Accord and a $500-a-month stipend from the church.

“He clearly violated archdiocese policy,” church spokesman Terrence Donlan said, adding, “We certainly appreciate the heartache people are feeling. He was a beloved pastor.”

But outraged parishioners claim Cuenin got the heave-ho for signing a letter critical of the archdiocese’s handling of the clergy abuse scandal and because he openly ministered to gays.